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1.The Veterans, September 17, 1944 - Membury Airfield a WWII fine art print by James Dietz

All across England, they prepare to jump. The “Screaming Eagles,” the “All-American” boys, the British “Red Devils,” soon the troop carrier transports will whisk them away for World War II’’s largest airborne invasion to date: Operation Market Garden, a surprise jump to secure vital bridges and roadways in Holland. Among these units is Easy Company, 506th PIR, seen here. On this morning, the company’’’’’’’’s veterans give the new replacements a helping hand. Checking harnesses, uttering encouragements, the veterans’’’’’’’’ bravado will settle the rookies’’’’’’’’ nerves. Someday, when the new guys look back, they’’’’’’’’ll understand: it’’’’’’’’s just another day in a company of heroes.
  • Victory Edition: Only 290 prints, each numbered and signed by artist Jamed Dietz. Includes 12 veteran signatures:
  • SIGNERS ON THE PRINT: - E-Co. medic Al Mampre, depicted in "The Veterans" - E-Co. veterans Brad Freeman & Earl McClung - 1st time signers of the 101st Airborne, Dan McBride & Lou Zanzinger - 1st time signers, C-47 pilot Joe Turecky & radioman Gil Weiss - 82nd Airborne paratrooper Les Cruise - Plus THREE more veterans
  • The separate autograph of E-Co Sgt. Don Malarkey!
  • ALSO INCLUDES: - 101st & 82nd Airborne pins to frame with your print - Color COA with "History Behind the Art" trivia
  • Also Publisher Proof Signed and Numbered by Artist
This piece can be purchased as...

  $350.00 - Victory Edition Signed by Artist and 12 Veterans
  $225.00 - Publishers Proof Signed and Numbered

CALL 203-888-2532

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A. Day of Days, A World War II print of D-Day by James Dietz, Victory Edition with 12 Vet Signatures $425
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1. "UNSTOPPABLE", American Sherman tanks continue the advance into Germany, WWII Artist Proof Edition with 6 Veterans Signatures by Gareth Hector $325
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