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Fight for the Colors, 1st Day At Gettydburg by Don Troiani

The Iron Brigade's sixth Wisconsin dashed gallantly forward toward the second Mississippi. The hand-to-hand struggle for the flag of the second Mississippi was one of the most heroic moments of the first day's conflict at Gettysburg.
  • The following is taken from Brian Pohanka’’’’’’’’s book, “DON TROIANI’’’’’’’’S CIVIL WAR”: Their band playing “The Campbells Are Coming”,the 6th Wisconsin … 1st Brigade, 1st Division, 1st Corps … marched toward battle on July 1st, 1863, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Rufus Dawes. They formed part of the famous Iron Brigade consisting of the 2nd, 6th,and 7th Wisconsin, the 19 Indiana and the 24th Michigan. As the 1st Corps Commander John Reynolds personally led the other four units of the Iron Brigade against General James Archer’’’’’’’’s Confederates in McPherson’’’’’’’’s woods, a hard riding staff officer brought orders for Dawes to double-quick the 6th Wisconsin to the right, towards the sunken bed of an unfinished railroad. A brigade of Mississippi and North Carolina troops led by Brigadier General Joseph R. Davis had swept down upon and threatening the right flank of the 1st Corps. Together with the 14th Brooklyn and the 95th New York, the 6th Wisconsin changed front and charged forward to the lip of the railroad cut. There, the men of the 6th Wisconsin could see the red battle flag of the 2nd Mississippi silhouetted against the smoke-shrouded line of gray-clad troops. Possessed by a heroic ambition to capture it, a cluster of Iron Brigade rushed toward the Confederate color bearer, Corporal W. B. Murphy, whose bullet-riddled banner and splintered staff became the focus of what Murphy later called, “one of themost deadly struggles that was ever witnessed during any battle of the war.” Hand to hand fighting ensued all around the battle flag as man after man was shot town trying to take it. As brothers Frank and Samuel Waller of Company “I” raced into the fight, Sam Waller knocked aside the muzzle of a Confederate musket aimed at his brother and felled the rebel with his musket butt. Frank Wallar closed with the Color Corporal Murphy and the two men wrestled for control of the flag. Murphy tried to tear his precious banner from its staff, but Waller, a muscular farmer, finally overpowered the determined color bearer. As Murphy was seized and captured, Corporal Waller threw down the flag and stood upon it as he fired several more shots into the defenders of the rail road cut. This wonderful print captures that` epic moment in history and is hand signed and number 593/950 by the artist. The print is custom Matted & Framed
  • Image Size: 18 3/4" x 25"
  • Issued 1986-Sold Out at Publishers
  • Professionally Matted and Framed using conservation materials and methods
  • Call for details
This piece can be purchased as...

  $1,550.00 - Limited Edition secondary Market Value

CALL 203-888-2532

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