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Marilyn Monroe with her 1955 Lincoln Capri

As a young girl I was aware of Marilyn Monroe living in Connecticut while she was married to Arthur Miller. Their house was in the neighboring town to mine and she had a favorite swimming spot along the river. My father often spent time at the local tractor dealer on Saturday mornings and he came home one day to say that Marilyn had come in to the shop to deliver a lawn mower for repair. When I was working on this painting a few years ago I showed it to my friend Chet who was 90 at the time. He surprised me by saying matter-of-factly that he knew Marilyn Monroe. I was instantly intrigued and wanted to hear all about it. Chet had worked for a sand & gravel company and ran excavating equipment. Arthur Miller hired him to build the pond at the Miller’’s house, and Chet and Arthur spent the summer doing the work, and Marilyn prepared the daily lunch. I joked with Chet about his thoughts of seeing Marilyn singing Happy Birthday Mr. President some years later; he commented that it was not the same person who felt like a little sister to him all those days when they sat under a tree in the summer on a relaxing lunch break.
  • SIgned & Numbered Limited Edition on Paper. Print size 17 x 23.
  • Signed and Numbered Limited Edition on Canvas. Canvas Size 13 x 23.
  • Edition of 425 with 55 Artist Proofs
This piece can be purchased as...

  $175.00 - Limited Edition Giclee on Paper
  $325.00 - Limited Edition Giclee Canvas Edition of 200
  $225.00 - Artist Proof Giclee on Paper
  $375.00 - Artist Proof Edition Giclee on Canvas

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