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George Washington Giclee on Canvas Limited Edition by Larry Selman

George Washington Image Area: 17 x 31 The giclee (pronounced: jhee clay) printing process enables print makers to reproduce fine art in limited editions with an accuracy and cost effectiveness unattainable in the past. In fact when produced by a professional print maker, giclees can so closely match the original that it may be difficult to tell that you are looking at a reproduction. Advances in digital imaging gave birth to the giclee in the late 1980s. Since then it has become one of the most popular forms of fine art reproductions and has been purchased by many collectors, museums and galleries. The ability to print directly on to archival fine art papers and canvas with fade resistant inks is another strength of the giclee. The paper and canvas reproductions we offer are rated with a longevity of over 60 years before any noticeable fading may occur. Giclees are produced with the aid of high resolution, wide color gamut printers utilizing high-end inkjet technology.
  • GicleĆ© Canvas Edition: 200 Signed and Numbered
This piece can be purchased as...

  $195.00 - Limited Edition Giclee Canvas Edition of 200

CALL 203-888-2532

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