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John D.Shaw
John Shaw has been commissioned to do paintings for prestigious sources such as the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Air National Guard, and by some of the world's premier aviation art collectors. His artwork has adorned the covers of national magazines, from Private Pilot's Aviation Art Gallery, to Challenge Publications' Aviation Art, to Primedia's World War II and Aviation History. John Shaw's previous works command hefty secondary market value; in addition to Black Sheep Squadron and Hornet's Nest, Red Tail Angels and By The Dawn's Early Light now trade for over $1,000 each.

1.PREY FOR MERCY, Franz Stigler's fatefull 1943 encounter with mortally stricken B-17 Ye Old Pub., an Artist Proof print by John D. Shaw $425
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A Day Gone By , WWII 379th. Bomb Group B17 "Lucky Ship" Carol Dawn, by Artist John D.Shaw AP $275.00
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Alpine Eagles paratroopers of the101st Airborne tour the newly-liberated Eagle’’s Nest by John D. Shaw $125
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Flying Tiger Legacy, 23rd Fighter Group WWII, original signatures by artist John Shaw
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God Shed His Grace On Thee A WWII Print by John Shaw
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Iwo Jima A Hard Won Haven by John D.Shaw
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Return to Kimbolton 379th Bomb Group head home, escorted by P-51s of the 4th Fighter Group, following a 1944 mission into Germany by John D. Shaw
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Semper Fi Skies A Tribute to the U.S. Marine Corps Pilots in the Pacific by Artist John D. Shaw
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Shark Sighting A Limited Edition Print of WWII's AVG Flying Tigers by artist John D. Shaw
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The Magnificent Fight:Wake Island by John D. Shaw
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They Fought with What They Had A Print of WWII US Army Air Forces in the Philippines by Artist John D. Shaw
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